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Doctoral Workshop in Econometrics


    The doctoral seminar is organized together with University of Konstanz, University of Hohenheim, University of Tübingen and Zeppelin University of Friedrichshafen takes place online via Zoom from 17:00 to 18:00. If you are interested in attending an appointment, please send an email to Roxana Halbleib.


    Date Presenter Topic
    26.10.2021 Ilya Archakov (University of Vienna)

    Canonical Representation of Block Matrices with Applications to Covariance and Correlation Matrices

    23.11.2021 Karsten Schweikert (University of Hohenheim)

    Integrated Variance Estimation for Assets Traded in Multiple Venues

    21.12.2021 Gerhard Fechteler (University of Constance) Marginal Effect based Inference in the Deep Learning Framework
    11.01.2022 Jan H. Hoeffler (Genf)

    ReplicationWiki - Improving Transparency in the Empirical Social Sciences

    25.01.2022 Christian Mücher (University of Freiburg) Artificial neural network based non-linear transformation of high-frequency returns for volatility forecasting
    08.02.2022 Tilmann Härtl (University of Constance) Identifying Proxy SVARs with Restrictions on the Forecast Error Variances